Camera drain inspections, pumps, valves, filters, grease traps, tanks, pipes, backflow prevention, gas equipment
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Wiring, lighting, exits, test&tag, switchboard upgrades, fault-finding, thermal imaging, BMS & DDC, BEEC
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Heating, boilers, ventilation, kitchen exhaust, air-conditioning, filters, ductwork, refrigeration, chillers
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The Right Team

It starts with us: over 90 brilliant and dependable men and women; we’re a group of educated and extensively trained, qualified and experienced in-house engineers and tradesmen and managers, NABERS accredited assessors, licensed refrigeration technicians and electricians.

The Right Energy

CCS understands the future of our industry lies in growth and development of well-rounded and high-quality junior tradesman. Specific in-house training and senior tradesman provide expertise they can draw on whenever required, reinforcing both the team and the knowledge base.

Always Ready

Interconnected to effectively commit to common agenda, shared measurement systems and a joint action plan, CCS FM operations run wirelessly and immediately between the office, the technicians, the equipment and the client.
All maintenances are recorded in detail and developed in reference to AIRAH DA19 and specific manufacturers specifications.

Some Of Our Clients

Supporting safer and more efficient equipment operation and occupancy; improving planning, longevity and effectiveness of office blocks, data halls, schools, clubs, convention centers, shopping complexes, hospitals, sporting facilities, hotels, and more of the built environment; CCS prides itself on operational excellence and accountability to our clients through our dedicated team and transparency of processes.