CCS FM understands buildings and the challenges that their owners and operators face on a daily basis. We are experts in managing the challenges.

Common Challenges

Rising energy and operating costs.

Deferred maintenance.

Budget and staff cuts for facility maintenance.

Increasingly complex HVAC and mechanical systems.

Unpredictable monthly costs.

Desire to make your building more sustainable and “green”.

Maintaining & improving NABERS ratings.

Critical Applications

Assets which have a critical operational function

Assets which have failure modes that can be prevented (and not increased) with regular maintenance

Assets which have a likelihood of failure that increases with time or use

HVAC equipment in particular should be part of a preventative maintenance routine.

Common Challenges

Maximize the value and life of building assets, systems and equipment.

Minimize unexpected downtime and expensive emergency service costs.

Improve operational efficiency by servicing and tuning equipment.

Anticipate, plan and budget for upgrades and improvements

Prepare for and undertake capital-improvement and energy-management projects.

A planned maintenance program will result in significant enough energy and operational savings to pay for itself. Unplanned, reactive maintenance has many overhead costs that can be avoided during the planning process. The cost of unplanned maintenance includes lost production, higher costs for parts and shipping, as well as time lost responding to emergencies and diagnosing faults while equipment is not working. Unplanned maintenance typically costs three to nine times more than planned maintenance. When maintenance is planned, each of these costs can be reduced.

Our planned maintenance programs help clients find solutions. To learn more about how we will customise a proactive, planned approach to your building’s maintenance, we invite you to contact the CCS Facilities Maintenance office, and to have a look at the kind of recommendations we might be able to offer to you.