CCS Accredited Assessors work with NABERS to provide you with a star rating to your building or tenancy that represents its actual operational performance, using 12 months of measured performance information, such as energy or water bills or a waste audit.

The program compares the performance of your building or tenancy to benchmarks that represent the performance of other similar buildings in the same location.

To ensure your real life performance data is comparable with other buildings, it’s sometimes necessary to make adjustments that account for the specific location and use of your building. The rating takes into consideration

  • The climactic conditions in which the building operates
  • The hours of its use
  • The level of services it provides
  • The energy sources it uses
  • Its size and occupancy.

NABERS ensures that your building is compared fairly against its market peers.

The adjusted data is then compared to the NABERS benchmark data, and a star rating reflecting your performance relative to your peers is calculated. For example, a 6 star rating demonstrates market-leading performance, while a 1 star rating means the building has considerable scope for improvement.

An accredited rating confirms what’s working well and what’s not and allows you to set meaningful targets to improve the environmental performance of your building or tenancy.

At CCS we have a fully accredited and Government certified in-house NABERS assessor and are able to provide full NABERS and BEEC assessments.

We provide evaluation and assessment of sub systems energy performance with recommendations for improving the overall NABERS rating.
We provide ongoing energy monitoring and reporting to project expected NABERS performance.