CCS Group has licensed electricians on staff, capable of installing and repairs of lights; however our main expertise is inspection and maintenance; particularly of emergency lighting and exit signs for buildings. This includes procedural checking of batteries, relays, contactors, timers, switches, chargers, inverters, distribution and control equipment, luminaires and systems (AS/NZS 2293).

Emergency and Exit Light systems have a requirement for mandatory inspections and testing every six months.

The lighting system is the one thing that you lease from a building owner that will affect your NABERS tenancy rating.

The Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency stated in 2010:

  • Lighting typically accounts for 30% of a commercial office tenancy’s power consumption.
  • Energy savings on lighting in the range of 20-70% can be achieved in a typical office with paybacks of investment in around five years

CCS can also provide a Tenancy Lighting Assessment in order for you to submit a valid BEEC.